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Velos Criminal Lawyers are highly respected and its founder and staff all strive to provide expertise, value and excellence in representing their local, interstate and international clients to achieve their goals and for a better world community.

Magistrates’ Court

Velos Criminal Lawyers have over 35 years experience at the Magistrates Courts and represent clients in all Court matters from the Children’s Court through the Supreme Court.

County Court

Velos Criminal Lawyers have had vast experience representing clients in the County Court which deals with serious offences that cannot be heard in the Magistrates Court.

Supreme Court

The Supreme Court is the highest Court in Victoria in dealing with complicated and serious offences. Velos Criminal Lawyers represent clients in the Spureme Court.

Childrens’ Court

Velos Criminal Lawyers can represent your child in all Court matters involving the Children’s Court. If your child has been charged with a criminal offence to be heard in the Childrens’ Court, give us a call!

Police Interviews / Charges

Velos Criminal Lawyers can attend police stations and police complexes to assist, advise and guide you with police charges. It is important to know your rights when interviewed by police.

Domestic  / Family Violence

We represent clients both as applicants and respondents in relation to intervention orders for over 35 years, highly experienced in dealing with the legal issues associated with domestic violence.

Indictable Offences

Indictable Offences are more serious than Summary Offences. They include Burglary, Serious Assaults and serious damage offences. Velos Criminal Lawyers can represent you in all Indictable Offences charges.

Summary Offences

Summary Offences are less serious than Indictable Offences and include issues such as trespass, street offences, offensive behaviour. Velos Criminal Lawyers can advise and represent you in any Summary Offences charges laid by the police.

Drugs & Related Offences

Velos Criminal Lawyers have had extensive experience in been dealing with drug related offences providing sound advice and guidance. If you have been charged with any drug related offence such as use, possession, trafficking or manufacturing contact us urgently!

Violent Crimes

Velos Criminal Lawyers have had over 35 years of experience in representing clients who have been charged with violent crimes offences. These include serious assaults, armed robbery, affray and gang related offences. If you have been charged with an offence involving violence we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible!

Assaults to the person

Unfortunately, assaults in the community are rising according to police statistics. You may be charged by the police with an assault related offence however there are defences available which you may not be aware of. Velos Criminal Lawyers can assist, advise and guide you in the event you may have been charged with an offence of this nature.

Theft and Related Offences

Velos Criminal Lawyers have had over 35 years experience dealing in Criminal Law matters and have successfully defended clients charged with Theft and Related offences such as Theft of Motor Cars, Theft from Motor Cars and Burglary and Theft offences. If you have been charged with any of these offence categories call us today!

Australian Criminal Law: Velos Criminal Lawyers Effectively Tackle Criminal Law Cases

What is the purpose of criminal law? If you’re looking for a criminal defence lawyer, it’s to defend you against criminal allegations and criminal charges that have been brought against you. Your defence lawyers can inform you of your rights and show you how to assert them. If you are feeling frightened or confused by the legal process, the legal experts at criminal law firms like Velos Criminal Lawyers can guide and reassure and fight for your legal rights and dignity to be upheld according to law. One of the primary aims of criminal law and your lawyer in particular is to ensure that you have the chance to tell your side of the story and are never unjustly punished.

The Other Side Of The Criminal Law Definition: Australia’s Prosecution Lawyers

Conversely, if a crime has been perpetrated against you, prosecution lawyers can ensure that criminal law and procedure considerations are followed to the letter in order to bring you justice. Those who study criminal law have learned to make sure that all parties involved in criminal law proceedings are treated with fairness, respect, and dignity so that justice may be served. This, above all else, is the criminal law meaning and criminal law definition Australia has come to rely on.

What Is A Criminal Law Offence?

What is criminal law? Criminal law examples include international criminal law (seeing that charges are transferred properly from one country to another, as applicable), driving offences such as impaired or dangerous driving, narcotics offences, rape and other sex offences, murder and assault, and theft. Some criminal law examples are typically non-violent (but harmful nonetheless), such as so-called “white collar crimes.” Types of criminal law offences counted as white collar crimes include fraud and tax evasion.

What Does It Take To Make A Great Criminal Lawyer?

Before a person can tackle criminal law jobs, he or she has to take up an intensive course of study. In addition to obtaining a law degree, criminal lawyers keep up with criminal law, journal publications, read criminal law articles, and take criminal law courses. Why? The criminal law definition is constantly changing. The way we define criminal law today may not hold true tomorrow. A great criminal law firm is therefore in a state of constant criminal law review.

Being the best lawyer you can be requires passion, dedication, and lifelong learning. These are the values we live by here at Velos Criminal Lawyers. We’re committed to upholding high standards when representing clients involved or charged with criminal charges and strive for an excellent outcome that all Australians and others can trust to be represented with vigour, passion and dedication.

Contact us today

If you are facing criminal charges or even serious traffic charges, speak to us as soon as possible so that we can advice you and adequately prepare you for the range of legal matters that you will need to consider.

We are ready and able to provide advice, appear and also brief experienced Expert Counsel on an urgent basis to attend in order to best defend, safeguard and advance the rights and interests of our clients.

  • I engaged Mr. Velos under extremely difficult circumstances where I had civil litigation action taken against me, though I was innocent of the allegations. I had only a few days left before the 21 days for a defence was to expire. Mr. Velos and his team understood the matter in a compassionate and timely manner and were able to engage an expert barrister to formulate and submit a rigorous defense for the matter with very few days left. read more

    Civil Litigation Under Extremely Difficult Circumstances
    Samia M
  • I write to you today in appreciation of the service you provided to me in relation to my former Bankrupt Estate.

    Unfortunately, the bankruptcy case was mishandled by the appointed Trustees. Years after being discharged, I was contacted again by the appointed Trustees requesting that I still required to repay a substitutional amount of money even though, as far as I was concerned, the case had been finalised.

    I really had no idea about my legal responsibilities or more importantly, the fact that the matter could be negotiated with the former trustees.

    With the one consultation with yourself, I was provided with the information I required to proceed in dealing with the former Trustees. In fact, I followed your exact recommendations in my negotiations and was able to settle on an amount equal to one third the sum of what was originally being demanded.

    Had I not sought your legal expertise and most importantly, your experience in these matters, the outcome would have been far less favourable.

    Thank you with much appreciation.

    Kind regards,

    Gerald N.

    Bankruptcy Estate
    Gerald N.
  • I engaged the services of Mr John Velos under extremely difficult circumstances. My husband passed away and shortly after I was admitted to Alfred Hospital with pneumonia. I was very ill, frightened and anxious due to the passing of my husband. The sorrow and grief that I was going through urged me to prepare a Will as I had no idea of what tomorrow would bring. Mr John Velos and his staff understood my situation and acted in an efficient, timely and compassionate manner. Pursuant to my instructions over a telephone conference, Mr Velos urgently prepared a new Will and organized for a Lawyer to attend the Hospital with one of the secretaries, where the Will was executed and witnessed according to law. read more

    Wills & Probate Testimonial
    Eva L
  • My son engaged John Velos Lawyers in 2017.

    He had been charged by Victorian Police with some very serious allegations which I believe affected him to the point where he was unable to process the consequences to be able to make good choices or decisions. Except of course, for finding Velos & Velos Lawyers…how my son managed this is a miracle in itself!


    It has been an extremely difficult time for our son and I cannot stress how much I have appreciated John’s years of professional wisdom and counsel. I reside in Perth which added to the despair and distress.


    During these high emotional times in your life you must be protected by a “legal eagle” who has empathy, compassion, understanding and great intellect. John has all these virtues and many more…he has great insight and the ability to see the whole picture. John offered direction and guidance which transcended an untenable situation. (more…)

    Criminal Law Experience
    Susan A
  • I experienced John’s exceptional academic and personal skills. His professionalism is admirable and most importantly, John is a Lawyer that you can call and expect to speak to or receive a call back on the same day.

    John’s in-depth knowledge and experience within Bankruptcy matters increased the overall outcome of my settlement between the Trustee and myself.

    John is an excellent negotiator. He dealt with a Trustee where the matter was previously very badly damaged; I thought all hope was gone. My husband was declared bankrupt in 2014. It was the messiest of all bankruptcies – the business was a partnership and the other Director’s wife was the Administration Manager/Bookkeeper and so on. I knew nothing. (more…)

    Angelique T-S

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