Theft and related offences

Theft-related offences include:
  • obtaining by deception.
  • burglary (entering someone else’s land or property intending to steal something, damage property or assault someone)
  • robbery/armed robbery.
  • going equipped to steal.
  • handling stolen goods.
  • receiving stolen goods.

These offences are deemed Indictable Offences and can be heard in the Magistrates’ Court depending on the individual circumstances of the case (for further information please look at our Indictable Offences page).

Common Theft related offences include:


Shoplifting can mean more than just taking something from a shop without paying. Criminal offences covered by this act include:

  • shoplifting—taking goods from a store without paying
  • eating or drinking something in a shop without paying
  • swapping, removing or altering price tags to get a lower price for an item
  • leaving a restaurant or hotel without paying.

General Stealing

Stealing is taking something—it could be a car, an animal, an item of jewellery or anything of value—that belongs to another person, without their consent, and keeping it with no intention of giving it back to them. There are several ‘points of proof’ required by the police to prove to substantiate a charge of theft. Contact us if you have been charged with a theft related offence!


Fraud involves obtaining goods, property, money or services dishonestly.

It includes dishonestly:

  • obtaining property belonging to someone else
  • applying someone else’s property to your own use
  • causing a detriment to another person or entity (an organisation)
  • gaining a benefit or advantage for any person
  • inducing or causing any person to deliver property to another person.


Burglary is illegally entering someone’s house, shed, bungalow or garage with the intent to steal. When the burglary takes place at night and people are in the premises, burglary will extend to Aggravated Burglary. If the burglary is conducted with an accomplice or there is an element of aggravation in the crime—the burglar is armed or even pretends to be armed there is a real possibility a custodial disposition will be imposed by the court on the offender—that means gaol!

Burglary & Theft

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