Police Interviews / Charges

Unfortunately you may find yourself in a position where you have been accused of committing an offence by the police under a number of  possible circumstances, namely:

  • a warrant executed at your home address or workplace
  • arrested in a public place
  • apprehended whilst driving a vehicle
  • requested by police to attend a police station for the purposes of an interview
  • charged by police based upon the evidence provided to them by an ‘alleged witness’.

It is possible that you have not in fact committed any offence whatsoever so the services of a competent lawyer is crucial to have you exonerated from all culpability.

It is quiet common these days to be attacked by an intruder or assailant and in the process of defending yourself you may inflict bodily harm on this person who may claim you were the aggressor. This can prove very stressful given the fact you may have lawfully defended yourself within the boundaries of the law. Road Rage is one example which is becoming quite prevalent these days whereby the aggressor attempts to turn the tables on the innocent victim.

If you find yourself in any of the above circumstances, immediately contact Velos Criminal Lawyers who can obtain full details of the alleged offence, speak to police, advise you of your rights and if the matter eventually proceeds to Court, defend you accordingly.

It is important also to remember you are always afforded the opportunity to legal advice when faced with criminal charges and the police are aware of this so it is important that you contact us at the first available opportunity should the need arise.

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