My son engaged John Velos Lawyers last December 2017.

He had been charged by the Victorian Police with some very serious allegations which I believe affected him to the point where he was unable to process the consequences to be able to make good choices or decisions. Except of course, for finding Velos & Velos Lawyers … how my son managed this is a miracle in itself!

It has been an extremely difficult time for our son and I cannot stress how much I have appreciated John’s years of professional wisdom and counsel. I reside in Perth which added to the despair and distress.

During these highly emotional times in your life you must be protected by a “legal eagle” who has empathy, compassion, understanding and great intellect. John has all these virtues and many more … he has great insight and the ability to see the whole picture. John offered direction and guidance which transcended an untenable situation.

John was kind and patient with our son without judgment or criticism. I felt he treated Antony as if he was a member of his own family. Antony is only 26 years old – with his whole future ahead of him.

The outcome of the case was a good outcome.

My humble wish is for my son to visit Melbourne in the near future and share with John how much his kindness helped carry him during this terrible storm in his life.

I am sincerely grateful and wish to thank John and his team at Velos & Velos who treated us with the utmost respect and dignity.

I highly recommend Velos & Velos Lawyers and their competent, professional legal services.

Susan A.