Before my first Conference with Mr John Velos, Master of Laws at Velos & Velos Lawyers I was in complete despair, facing 15 years in jail.

From Mr John Velos I received immediate support and prompt advice. This was a great relief as a burden had been lifted off my shoulders and I got peace of mind.

With thoroughness and attention to detail Mr John Velos organised reports and references on my behalf.

He kept me informed during the whole Court process, offering words of encouragement.

He appointed an experienced barrister, and I received a Community Corrections Order, without conviction, an outstanding outcome seeing it was my second offence.

These were life changing results.

With over 40 years’ experience Mr John Velos offered wisdom, loyalty, respect, understanding and compassion. I consider him a friend and an extension of my family, as does my family.

I highly recommend Mr John Velos of Velos & Velos Lawyers. He saved my life.

It was an exceptional experience, and all the staff were highly professional. Simply professional, excellent and outstanding.

Their legal services are simply outstanding

C. I.